ISASE2024 Program

Saturday, March 9

Plenary Session

Room B (On-site Room 524)

Time with Recording Title Speaker/Author
9:00-9:10 Yes Opening ・Masayuki TAKATERA(Shinshu University)
9:10-10:00 Yes Keynote ・Taizo Shibano (President of MALGA GELATO Co.,Ltd.)

Parallel Sessions

Cognitive Science

AM-1A, Room B (On-site Room 524)

Chair: Tomoharu Ishikawa

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
10:20-10:40 C000017 Yes Impact of Regular Pattern Design on Kansei Evaluation in Tomato Packaging Hiro Hiyama, Kakeru Shono,Tomoharu Ishikawa, Miyoshi Ayama
10:40-11:00 C000042 Yes Comparison of psychological changes from listening to pleasant sounds in patients with migraine and control patients Rikuo Suzuki, Tomoharu Ishikawa, Muneto Tatsumoto, Katsuhiro Maki, Ken Ishibashi, Yuichi Ishimoto
11:00-11:20 C000021 Yes Investigation of Numerical Evaluation of the Elasticity Sensation for Various Fabrics Rikuto Uwano, Tomoharu Ishikawa, Takashi Maehara, Noriyuki Wakatsuki, Yoshiko Yanagida, Miyoshi Ayama
11:20-11:40 C000037 Yes Little Effects of Tangible Objects on Body-ownership Transfer to a Computer Graphics Hand in an Immersive Virtual Reality Condition Yutaro ABE, Asaki Kawaguchi, Shogo Okamoto
11:40-12:00 C000038 Yes Prediction of Dynamic Preference by Using Temporal Dominance of Sensations Data Hiroharu Natsume, Shogo Okamoto

Parallel Sessions

Interface Design and Computing

AM-1B, Room C (On-site Room 521)

Chair: Daisuke Kitayama

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
10:20-10:40 C000039 Yes Relationship building between caregivers and children, using remote childcare support robots. Caitlin Duncan, Misato Kasuya, Katharina Menke, Kasumi Abe, Takayuki Nagai
10:40-11:00 C000009 Yes Validation of Self-study Attitude System Evaluation Based on Biometric Information Hiroki Horiuchi, Hisaya Tanaka
11:00-11:20 C000003 No Personalized SSVEP-BCI Text Spelling User Interface QIANWEN NA, Hisaya TANAKA
11:20-11:40 C000043 Yes Explainable AI in Art
-Visualizing Artist’s Characteristics in Paintings for Enhanced Interpretation-
Takanori Sano
11:40-12:00 C000033 No Making English Voices Similar to User’s Voices Using Voice Changer and Interactive Differential Evolution Taichi Miyamoto, Makoto Fukumoto

Parallel Sessions

Affective Measurement

AM-1C, Room D (On-site Room 525)

Chair: Jue Zhang

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
10:20-10:40 C000016 Yes Changing How Users Feel Through VR Avatar Breathing Motions Shunya Ogata, Jue Zhang
10:40-11:00 C000023 Yes Reducing Anxiety through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Virtual Reality
-A preliminary study-
Haochen He, Sripian Peeraya
11:00-11:20 C000044 Yes Influence of food characteristics on the experience of novel boba combinations Tianyi Yuan, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
11:20-11:40 C000046 Yes Possible Acquired Synesthesia Underlying the Consistency of Favorable Colors -A Case Study of Grapheme-color Synesthesia and Sound-color Synesthesia among Competitive Karuta Players- Momo Kihara, Daisuke Hamada, Noriko Nagata
11:40-12:00 C000026 Yes Comparative Study of rPPG-Based Methods Performance at the Various Skin Tones Fahrur Aslami, Peeraya Sripian


Lunch Break 12:00-13:00


Parallel Sessions

Interface Design

PM-1A, Room B (On-site Room 524)

Chair: Hisaya Tanaka

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
13:00-13:20 C000030 Yes Evaluation of Driver Irritation using Deep Body Temperature Variability Analysis
-A Pilot Study in Vehicle-
Tomoki Ando, Hiroaki Sakamoto, Yutaka Yoshida, Emi Yuda
13:20-13:40 C000004 Yes Influence of Right–Left Sound Intensity Ratio on the Auditory Steady-State Response Tadayori Igarashi, Hisaya Tanaka
13:40-14:00 C000005 Yes Eye-Movement Measurement and Head Tracking While Driving using a Smartphone Shunki Suzuki, Hisaya Tanaka
14:00-14:20 C000015 Yes Development of AR and MR Applications for Supporting Endovascular Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms Yuga Oba, Kenta Nagai, Hisaya Tanaka, Jue Zhang
14:20-14:40 C000036 Yes How Active Engagement in Art Appreciation can Impact on Feeling of Beauty? Jun Shi, Yizhen Zhou, Takanori Sano, Hideaki Kawabata

Parallel Sessions

Affective Science & Engineering 1

PM-1B, Room C (On-site Room 521)

Chair: Hiromi Fujimori

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
13:00-13:20 C000041 Yes A Proposal for Personalized Travel Recommendation System Through Affective Analysis of User SNS Data Kiruthika Raja, Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Midori Sugaya
13:20-13:40 C000020 Yes Influence of Watching TV programs on human recognition of a robot’s emotions Marina Kamimura, Yuta Hagio, Hisayuki Ohmata, Makoto Okuda, Noriko Hashida
13:40-14:00 C000008 Yes The Healthy = Tasty Intuition Seems to Prevail in Japan Benoit Bucher, Katsumi Watanabe
14:00-14:20 C000012 Yes Response Surface of Softness Perceivedvia Electrostatic Frictional Tactile Stimuli on Flat Touch-display Giryeon KIM, Shogo OKAMOTO, Hisataka MARUYAMA
14:20-14:40 C000035 Yes Impression Changes of a Male Character by Color of Clothes Akane Fuchigami, Masashi Yamada

Parallel Sessions

Fashion Design & Business

PM-1C, Room D (On-site Room 525)

Chair: Masayuki Takatera

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
13:00-13:20 C000013 No Effects of pajama silhouette and design details on associated sense of luxury TAISEI SASAKI , KYOUNGOK KIM, MASAYUKI TAKATERA, YURIKA HASHIMOTO, MASATOSHI KAWAKAMI
13:20-13:40 C000006 No Infusing Company-wide Purpose-driven Management with Vision from Project Sites at the Business Unit
-Leveraging ”Heart-based Cohesion’ to bridge the Project Sites and Management-
Koichi Takahashi
13:40-14:00 C000025 No Exploring University Students’ Impressions of IT Companies.
-A Comparative Analysis of Views from Science and Arts Students-
Masashi KASUYA, Hiroshi NUNOKAWA
14:00-14:20 C000014 Yes University Students’ Impressions of IT companies
-Differences between Chinese and Japanese students Fundamental considerations-
14:20-14:40 C000032 No Study on the impact of violin visualization technology on luthiers and the possibility of affective support Hitoshi Asada, Nobuya Suzuki

Parallel Sessions

Affective Information

PM-2A, Room B (On-site Room 524)

Chair: Akihiro Ogino 

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
15:00-15:20 C000034 Yes A Case Study on the Intersection of EV Charge UX and User Onboarding Design Haopeng Wu, Wonseok Yang
15:20-15:40 C000007 No Effectiveness Analysis of a Method for Generating Work Reactions to Spoken Utterances for Facilitating Task Execution Using Haiku Writing Tappei Horikawa, Daisuke Kitayama
15:40-16:00 C000011 No Motorcycle riders enjoy the engine sounds like musical sounds during acceleration Masako Tanaka, Kenta Matsubara, Masashi Yamada
16:00-16:20 C000024 No Modeling the state of mind when listening to Positive Mood Playlist using Bayesian inference Haruka Ohmori, Akihiro Ogino
16:20-16:40 C000018 No How viewing behaviors can be experienced during free art viewing in a gallery setting
-Simulating a gallery in a laboratory environment-
Shiyun Yang, Jun Shi, Hideaki Kawabata

Parallel Sessions

Affective Science & Engineering 2

PM-2B, Room C (On-site Room 521)

Chair: Shogo Okamoto

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
15:00-15:20 C000040 Yes Drone Rider: Effects of Translucent Actual Own Body Parts on Embodiment in Virtual Reality Space Hong SHEN, Kazuya SHIMATO, Yuta GOTO, Shogo OKAMOTO
15:20-15:40 C000010 Yes Quantifying Environmental Sensitivity Using Morphing Facial Expression Videos Daisuke Kurashima, Hisaya Tanaka
15:40-16:00 C000028 Yes Visualization of Fatigue Detection by Seat Pressure Sensor using Human Ischium Fluctuation
-Examination of Difference by Age-
Yutaka Yoshida, Itaru Kaneko, Emi Yuda
16:00-16:20 C000027 Yes Method for Proposing Optimal Exercise Timing using Recommendation System Yutaka Yoshida, Hiroyuki Sakano, Emi Yuda
16:20-16:40 C000019 Yes Relaxation Effects of Auricular Vibration Stimuli Synchronized with Music Yuta Goto, Shogo Okamoto

Parallel Sessions

Affective Marketing, Design and Education

PM-2C, Room D (On-site Room 525)

Chair: Kanta Tachibana

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Author
15:00-15:20 C000022 Yes Analysis of Puffiness in Kawaii Fashion Yoshitsune Ito, Keiko Miyatake, Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Michiko Ohkura, Peeraya Sripian
15:20-15:40 C000029 Yes Study on the Usefulness and Analysis of Human 6-DOF Acceleration Itaru Kaneko, Ytutaka Yoshida, Emi Yuda
15:40-16:00 C000045 Yes Impact of Participatory Design on Community Disaster Prevention Regarding Vehicle Evacuation Wataru Omoto, Takashi Sugiyama
16:00-16:20 C000002 No Product Attractiveness Created by Thin-Bezels in Personal Computers Takumi Kato, Yuko Endo, Sayu Fujiwara, Yu Zhu, Takahiko Umeyama, Susumu Kamei
16:20-16:40 C000031 No Building a Self-image Enhancement Program for Osteoporosis Prevention through Multidisciplinary Cooperation Keiko Fukuroku, Koichiro Takami, Yasuko Nakamura, Yuko Mori, Kei Morita, Hitomi Sumida