Special Event

Eagle’s Nest Cutting Edge Innovation Forum

May 31, 2018
The event is partially supported by EWU’s Start Something Big Grant

Plenary Lecture (Affective Innovation)

Your New Idea Comes from Inference Process in Your Mind

Prof. Hisao Shiizuka
Chair of ISASE
(Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute/Kogakuin University/SKEL)

SUMMARY: You are always learning at university. You may occasionally face problems. At that time, how do you solve the problem? What would you do if you needed a new idea to solve the problem? Here, I am asking you, is not a case where there is already a solution like mathematical problem. When you graduate from university and get a job at a company, you should try to assume that you face problems at your company site. In such a case, the solution is not lurking somewhere like mathematical problem. You will have to find a solution to the problem yourself. For example, Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation since apple fell from the garden tree. How did he find out this law? It deepens understanding by considering the process of reasoning. Here, I would like to think about where new ideas come from with you. I am sure that it will be a useful lecture for you.



Plenary Lecture (Artificial Intelligence)
Intelligent Activity Recognition & Future Challenges

Prof. Md. Atiqur Rahman Ahad
(University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

SUMMARY: Vision-based human activity recognition and analysis are very important research areas in computer vision and Human Robot/Machine/Computer Interaction. Over a decade, a good number of methodologies have been proposed in the literature to decipher various challenges regarding action and activity. However, due to various complex dimensions, a number of challenges still remain unexplored. In this special talk, various important aspects of human activity recognition and analysis will be covered. My talk will be emphasis on interesting and challenging research aspects to explore in future.
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SPECIAL PITCH CONTEST in Affective Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

(in collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurship at EWU — https://sites.ewu.edu/entrepreneurship/ )

SUMMARY: EWU students and other student conference participants are encouraged to compete in this special pitch contest. This will be held during the conference welcome reception — refreshment is to be served. The winner is to be determined based on the evaluations collected by the contestants themselves and the level of the affective innovation (to be determined by those two distinguished lecturers). Sign-up is required and will take place at the end of the cutting edge lectures.

Genesis Workshop in Spokane 2
Innovative R&D to bring you a better life — AI, Security, Kansei Engineering and more.
June 1, 2018, Spokane, WA, USA (jointly held with ISASE-MAICS2018)