The ISASE Presentation Encouragement Award (Undergraduate Division)

  • Purpose
    To develop Kansei engineering research and foster young researchers
  • Target audience
    Student presenters
  • Selection method
    Judged by the ISASE Presentation Encouragement Award Selection Committee
  • Requirements
    Manuscript must be submitted before the deadline. Deliver a presentation at the conference.

Award of ISASE2021

The following papers were awarded the Presentation Encouragement Award. Congratulations!

    Development of an EEG-based Cognitive Assessment System, “Neurodetector”
    – Using Pattern Recognition to Detect Event-Related Potential –
  • Auther
    ・Mayuko Takehara, Hiroto Yamamoto and Ryohei P Hasegawa

    Interactive Effect of Textile Pattern and Garment Style on Garment Impression
  • Auther
    ・Liu Yang, Lu Liu, KyoungOk Kim and Masayuki Takatera

    Current status of development in private brand products and shifts in consumer attitudes
  • Auther
    Anon Seki, Hiromi Fujimori

    Mathematical modeling of intrinsic motivation in reversal theory
    – Promoting exploration for AI agents –
  • Auther
    Jinhyuk Chang, Hideyoshi Yanagisawa

    Functional Independence Measure Motor Score Estimation Method Considering Instability of Movement
  • Auther
    Taku Hirota, Yuri Hamada, Takashi Kaburagi, Yosuke Kurihara