ISASE2022 Program

Sunday, 27th March

Plenary Session

Room A 
Time with Recording Title Speaker/Auther
9:00-9:10 Yes Opening ・Masayuki TAKATERA(Shinshu University)
9:10-9:50 Yes Generation and characterization of endoderm-derived chemosensory cells from non-human primates ・Ken IWATSUKI (Tokyo University of Agriculture)

Parallel Sessions

Affective Science & Engineering
AM-1A, Room A 

Chair: Akihiro OGINO

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Auther
10:20-10:40 C000005 Yes Neural-Network-Based Account of Affective Phenomenon Caused by Odd Number of Acoustic Beats ・Takao MATSUMOTO (Tokyo Denki University)
10:40-11:00 C000023 Yes Personalized Music Playlist Generation Method Based on Personal Impression and Pleasure ・Shunki MORIZUMI (Kyoto Sangyo University), Akihiro OGINO
11:00-11:20 C000014 Yes Effects of surface textures and shapes on softness perception of hard materials ・Qingyu SUN (Nagoya University), Junliang GUO, Shogo OKAMOTO
11:20-11:40 C000016 Yes Analysis of fuzzy images by close-up photography of large industrial drones:
Tea quality prediction using a multi-spectral camera
11:40-12:00 C000019 Yes Mathematical Modeling of Emotion Potential and Pleasure Based on the Dynamics of Free Energy:
Verification Using Experimental Data of Musical Pleasures
・Tomohisa USUDA (University of Tokyo), Hideyoshi YANAGISAWA
12:00-12:20 C000032 Yes The Impact of User Attitudes toward Software Updates on User Experience ・Tian WANG (University of Tokyo), Kazutaka UEDA

Parallel Sessions

Affective Robotics
AM-1B, Room B 

Chair: Hisaya TANAKA

Time Paper# with Recording Title Speaker/Auther
10:20-10:40 C000036 Yes Development of a Device that Suppresses Painful Stimuli Using the Masking Effect of Phantom Sensation ・Hiroaki TAKEBE (Chuo University), Mitsuo YASUSHI, Yuki NAGATSU, Hideki HASHIMOTO
10:40-11:00 C000035 Yes Cooperative movement of an inverted two-wheeled vehicle with a human using force control with variable viscosity ・Kota ITO (Chuo University), Fumiya ITAGAKI, Yuki NAGATSU, Hideki HASHIMOTO
11:00-11:20 C000010 Yes Basic Research of 50-Selective Steady State Visual Evoked Potential Brain-Computer Interface ・Sodai KONDO (Kogakuin University), Hisaya TANAKA
11:20-11:40 C000011 Yes Visualization of Spatial Attention on the BCI Cognitive Test Screen ・Yusuke MINAMIO (Kogakuin University), Hisaya TANAKA, Raita FUKASAWA, Kentaro HIRAO, Akito TSUGAWA, Soichiro SHIMIZU
11:40-12:00 C000018 Yes Coherence Analysis of EEG during Motor Imagery and BCI Manipulation ・Yuta GOTO (Kogakuin University), Hisaya TANAKA
12:00-12:20 C000037 Yes Emotion-Reacting Wear Based on Facial Expression Analysis ・Sakiho KAI (Kyoritsu Women’s University), Misako ANDO, Junko ISHIUCHI, Chiaki UJIHIRA, Takao FURUKAWA


Lunch Break 12:20-13:00


Parallel Sessions

Affective Science
PM-1A, Room A

Chair: Jue ZHANG

Time Paper# with Recording Affective Computing Speaker/Auther
13:00-13:20 C000027 Yes The relationship between preferences in pink colors and fashion taste:
Comparison between trends in 2020 and 2021
・Tipporn LAOHAKANGVALVIT (Shibaura Institute of Technology), Keiko MIYATAKE, Peeraya SRIPIAN, Michiko OHKURA
13:20-13:40 C000031 Yes Pedagogy for Advanced Computer-Aided Fashion Design:
2D Computer Pattern Making and 3D Virtual Prototyping
・Sena AN (Kyoritsu Women’s University), Sakiho KAI, Chiaki UJIHIRA, Takao FURUKAWA
13:40-14:00 C000034 Yes Towards Dynamic Formation of Online Discussion Groups:
Capturing Variations in Group Members’ Interests based on Topics Flow
・Emmanuel AYEDOUN (Kansai University), Marina GOTO, Masataka TOKUMARU
14:00-14:20 C000008 Yes Group Discussions: Relationship between elements of the conversation and the subjective evaluation of participants ・Asuto KINOSHITA (Kogakuin University), Jue ZHANG
14:20-14:40 C000017 Yes Influence of the Vection Effect on VR Motion Sickness ・Ryota MATSUMOTO (Kogakuin University), Jue ZHANG
14:40-15:00 C000007 Yes Distinguishing Emotions on the Basis of Dog Behavior ・Chihiro KOYAMA (Kogakuin University), Jue ZHANG

Parallel Sessions

Affective Design & Measurement
PM-1B, Room B

Chair: Hiromi FUJIMORI

Time Paper# with Recording Affective Design Speaker/Auther
13:00-13:20 C000030 No Applying Impression Evaluation Method by Space to Picture Retrieval Based on Impression ・Tran Thi Bich LIEN (Kyoto Institute of Technology), Teruhisa HOCHIN
13:20-13:40 C000009 No Measurement and Visualization of Drowsiness for Nonverbal Communication by Avatars ・Yudai KOSHI (Kogakuin University), Hisaya TANAKA
13:40-14:00 C000013 No Emotional Contagion and Mirror System Activity Measurement for Highly Sensitive Person Evaluation ・Yuuna ISHIKAMI (Kogakuin University), Hisaya TANAKA
14:00-14:20 C000021 No Research on Latent Value of Food:
Investigation on the Kansei Role of Stirring and Gathering Movements of Food
・Mari TAMAOKI (House Foods Corporation), Sakura KISHI, Yusaku KATSURA, Hideo JINGU
14:20-14:40 C000006 No Changes in Food Self-Sufficiency Rate in Japan from the Perspective of Food Mileage ・Shino SHIMADA (Tokyo University of Agriculture), Hiromi FUJIMORI
14:40-15:00 C000038 No Food labeling:
Insights into consumer sensitivity and behavior from surveys on taste and functionality
・Hiromi FUJIMORI (Tokyo University of Agriculture), Akiko KITABATAKE, Mihoko SUZUKI

Parallel Sessions

Affective Design & Computing
PM-2A, Room A

Chair: Masayuki TAKATERA

Time Paper# with Recording Affective Measurement Speaker/Auther
15:20-15:40 C000033 No Visual-olfactory integration to enrich the digital experience ・Kazuma OGASAWARA (The University of Tokyo), Tomohisa USUDA, Xiaoxiang WU, Takehiro HASEGAWA, Masahiro HIRAKO, Shuji FUJITA, Kazuko YAMAGISHI, Kazutaka UEDA, Hideyoshi YANAGISAWA
15:40-16:00 C000012 No Modeling emotions with the free-energy reduction in category recognition: A hierarchical Bayesian approach for perception process ・Yubo FENG (University of Tokyo), Hideyoshi YANAGISAWA
16:00-16:20 C000020 No 3D Garment Modeling from Garment Contours for Patternmaking ・KyoungOk KIM (Shinshu Univ.), Takumi MIYAJI, Masayuki TAKATERA
16:20-16:40 C000028 No Human Impressions on Imperfect Robots in Cooperative Relationship ・Takuto KAWAI (Kansai University), Masataka TOKUMARU, Emmanuel AYEDOUN
16:40-17:00 C000029 No Optimization of fuzzy rules in sports highlight extraction method based on genetic algorithm ・Lingkai WANG (Kansai University), Emmanuel AYEDOUN, Hiroshi TAKENOUCHI, Masataka TOKUMARU
17:00-17:20 C000025 No Music Recommendation System Considering Musical Score Features using Kansei Retrieval Agents with Fuzzy Inference ・Hiroshi TAKENOUCHI (Fukuoka Institute of Technology), Airi HATTORI, Masataka TOKUMARU

Parallel Sessions

Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence
PM-2B, Room B

Chair: Kanta TACHIBANA

Time Paper# with Recording Affective Measurement Speaker/Auther
15:20-15:40 C000004 No The Effect of Ambiguous Image on Pupil Response of Sun and Moon Perception ・Novera ISTIQOMAH (Toyohashi University of Technology), Tetsuya TAKESHITA, Yuya KINZUKA, Tetsuto MINAMI, Shigeki NAKAUCHI
15:40-16:00 C000015 No Application of Reduced-Region-of-Orbit (RRO) Feedback Method to a Chaotic Bipolar-disorder Neural System ・Hirotaka DOHO (Kochi University), Sou NOBUKAWA, Haruhiko NISHIMURA, Nobuhiko WAGATSUMA
16:00-16:20 C000022 No Extraction of Features Important for Facial Attractiveness Using Gradient-Weighted Class Activation Mapping and Guided Gradient-Weighted Class Activation Mapping ・Takanori SANO (Keio University)
16:20-16:40 C000024 No Making an English Speech Resemble the User’s Voice Using UTAU and Interactive Evolutionary Computation ・Taichi MIYAMOTO (Fukuoka Institute of Technology), Haoran GAN, Makoto FUKUMOTO
16:40-17:00 C000026 No Hand Gesture Recognition by Hand Landmark Classification ・Khawaritzmi AHMAD (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Dian SILPANI, Kaori YOSHIDA
17:00-17:20 C000039 No Development of Interface for Visualizing the Center of Gravity of Caregiver’s Body Segment ・Nihira TAIGA (Kogakuin University), Kanta TACHIBANA, Yukie ABE, Ayako ITO, Ai KAWABATA