Taizo Shibano (President of MALGA GELATO Co.,Ltd.)


“Gelato è l’amore”
World-renowned “KANSEI” from Noto becomes the essence of composition theory rules


1.The value of raw milk from my family’s dairy farm that I realized when I went out into the world

During a summer vacation in my junior year of college, I was helping out on my parents’ dairy farm and casually drank some milk in the refrigerator. I decided to take advantage of the potential of the raw milk my parents milked at home, and gelato was the way to do it. It may be consequentialism, but the uniqueness of Margar Gelato came not because I liked gelato, but because I chose gelato as a way to “make the most of the cards I had in my hand. I thought that my gelato would be the catalyst for creating a system that would bring people from all over the world to Noto. The air, earth, blue sky, water, air, light, and grass of Noto are all condensed in this drop of milk, and the gelato made with this milk is also very special. Artists find “beauty” in what is there and express it in every possible way. The awe of the natural world that he felt in junior high school was expressed in his essays, and now he expresses it in his gelato. I would like to continue to be a poet who expresses the nature of Noto through gelato.

2.Gelato is love

In order to make excellent gelato, there is a basic rule backed up by composition theory. In other words, the composition ratio of moisture content, solid content, and air content for the best gelato was already determined, and more importantly, the percentage of fat in the solid content that is acceptable in Italy was actually also determined based on scientific evidence.  We have come to understand this through our interactions with Italian artisans. “Gelato is love.” Without passion, love, and fantasy, there is no point in living. Artisan gelato, a nutritious and complete food with a good balance of protein, casein, salt, minerals, and lactose, was initially the food of the aristocracy. The great senior maestros felt that this gelato had to be developed for a more general audience. Just as a great tree grows delicious fruit when it is 100 years old, children who inherit the spirit of the great maestros will grow up to become great maestros beyond their countries. The great maestros transformed natural foods into gelato and made them artisan. It is a gift from the natural world and God, fused with love, passion, and fantasy.

The “KANSEI” recognized around the world was born from the nature of Noto.


Born in Noto, Ishikawa in Japan
Participated in Gelato Festival All Stars (Florence, first Asian participant). Appointed
ambassador of the festival.
Appointed first president of the Japanese branch of the Italian Gelateria Association.
Gelato Cultural Contribution Award (Agliano, first foreign recipient)
Appointed UNESCO Messenger of Peace (4th in Europe, FUNVIC UNESCO Club,
Headquarters in Brazil)
Coppa del mondo della gelateria 2018 (Gelato World Cup)
Cake Designers World Championship (FIPGC in Milan), Team Asia National Coach
Sherbeth Festival 2017 (Palermo, Italy) Overall Winner, first Asian World Champion
Gelato World Tour Grand Finale, 1st place in the public vote, 4th place overall (best
Asian result)
Sherbeth Festival 2016 (Palermo, Italy) 1st place in the foreigner category, 4th place
World Gelato Ambassador (Rome, first Asian to be inducted into the Hall of Fame)
Japanese Gelato Championships (sponsored by the Japanese Gelateria Association)
Best Craftsman of Italy for two consecutive years
Winner of the Gelato World Cup, Pistachio Category (Rimini, Italy)
National Retailers Competition, President’s Award, Nikkei Inc.
Excellence Prize, Food Specialties Contest, Ishikawa Prefectural Federation of Chamber
of Commerce and Industry